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Re: [IPp] phone call that felt great

Dear Sarah,

Hopefully I won't need to keep her home at all.  I am sending the
principla and the superintendent each a certified letter telling them
that the meeting needs to take place after the 15th and well before
school begins.  The problem I am having with this is that last year the
504 plan was never even finished by the end of the school year therefor
never signed.  I will not allow that this year.  It will be in effect and
signed before the first day of school, or Jess won't be able to go.  I
really don't want to do that to my duaghter.  She loves school and is so
looking forward to it.  I expect to get a phone call in a couple of days
(after they get this certified letter which I have cc'd to my lawyer, the
American Diabetes Association, and the American Disibility Association) 
I am hopeful that it will be enough to make them snap to the task at
hand, and get busy planning this damned meeting in plenty of time. 
Thanks, Sarah, aga! in for caring.  It really means so much in times like


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email @ redacted >Subject: Re: [IPp] phone call
that felt great >Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 07:37:59 EDT > >Cindy, > >I will
email her for sure if they give me trouble. >I hope it all works out for
you. So will you keep Jess home the first day of >school now, since that
is when your meeting is? >Sarah :)
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