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Re: [IPp] sites still falling off

> > , i put the mastisol, put an IV3000, more
> > mastisol, and went thru the tape. MAYBE it will help.
> >
> This is what we do and it works for us...alcohol wipe, antiperspirant in a
> circle around insertion site, IV prep, IV3000, IV prep then insert....make
> sure each *layer* is dry before proceeding to the next.....we use
> comforts/tenders/sils and the sites last 3-4 days with swimming......good
> luck!
> Beverly

Maybe we're just lucky, but with the Comforts all we do is insert.  At first
we tried the IV prep, tape, Skin Bond, but after Devin's body got adjusted
to the insertions we noticed he didn't need them.  Even with swimming the
sites stay in very well.  Almost to well cause sometimes we forget and then
realize they've been in over 4-5 days!  Logically, with kids who don't have
much body fat, I would think the quickset would come out easier than the

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