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Re: [IPp] Silhouette users

We have always used sils and were taught by our rep from minimed and our endo 
to prime 1 unit. Now, 4 weeks ago we upgraded to the Paradigm and at the 
training were told numerous times that the sils were still exactly the same 
except for the connector piece. BUT, then when they were going over priming 
said to prime the cannula .7 units. So, like 20 of us raised our hand and 
said WHOA! Why if they are the same are we only priming .7 instead of 1.0? 
The rep said she wasn't sure but just follow the new recommendations. So I 
called our first rep that we have gotten to know real well from camp and so 
on, and she said, between me and you she has no idea why they are saying the 
cannula takes less to prime now. That they have changed the priming amount on 
all their sets for the paradigm even though the cannulas are the same! She 
had no idea why and said she never gets a real answer. She is also a pumper 
and said when she went to the paradigm she still uses the sam e prime amount 
as before. So we stuck with the 1.0 just like always and we havn't had any 
problems.Anyway , sorry this is long just thought I'd share what I heard!
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