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[IPp] Re: Bg testing before exams

>snip>>It only takes the proverbial "one time".
>Renee (pump mom to Melissa)

Hi Renee,

We do have a very detailed 504 Plan in place and have since Noah was 
diagnosed.  He has only had to be excused from one test thus 
far...the PSAT.  There have probably been tests he shouldn't have 
taken due to high bg's, but he won't test while at school before an 
exam even though his 504 states he has that option.

I'm glad to hear Melissa is planning to get documentation to support 
her if the need ever arises again.  Noah will be off to Penn State in 
two years.  My husband works there and we live about 30 minutes away. 
I haven't been able to talk Noah into commuting.  I have two more 
years to think of some way to convince him...bribing hasn't been 
ruled out!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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