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[IPn] Oops, I forgot to mention the Thank You gifts

hello again,

My grey matter is getting greyer I think :-)

We have an assortment of nice things in the grab basket to say 
Thank You to our donors. Some are in limited supply, so don't wait if 
there is an item you particularly want.

VIEW all the gifts at:

>From our friends a NovoNordisk, an absolutely adorable "beeny-baby" 
cheetah with a tiny Orange NovoLog tee-shirt.

For the pump oriented child or "child in you", a limited number of 
"Pumpy" beeny-babies from our friends at Disetronic. Or perhaps a new 
case for your D-Tron, or a really nice "D" hat. Sorry, no picture. 
The hat is very good quality, black fabric with a tastefully 
emboridered "D" on the front. I nabbed one of these for myself last 
year, they're great. There are also just a few of the H-Tron Skins 
-- two kinds, see the pictures.

>From the nice folks a MiniMed, a limited supply of their really nice 
log book AND a copies of the book "Optimal Pumping". Since it costs a 
bit more to ship the book, please only request this for donations of 
$25 or more.

email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org