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[IPp] Re: [IP] Silhouette users

We prime the canula on the silhouette 0.7.  That is according to the user
guide from minimed.
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Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 1:21 PM
Subject: [IP] Silhouette users

> Hi.  I'm about to switch Jon to NovoRapid (Novolog) from Lispro
> (Humalog) and I have a question for those of you using the Silhouette
> infusions.
> How much do you prime the canula?
> We've been pumping diluted insulin since day 1 (U50) and now are going
> to be pumping full strength (U100).  When pumping U50 we primed the
> canula .40 units.  The pump did the rest of the calculation so we never
> had to worry about volume vs. acutual units of insulin, now we do.
> Well, now we don't really, except for the prime.  Prime is actual volume
> where as before, we only worried about units and the pump always did the
> calculation.  Now, it is full strength and the manual says to prime 1
> unit, which is more than double the volume of .40 units.  (are you still
> with me?)
> My question?
> How much is everyone priming their Silhouette canula's at U100 strength?
> Thanks,
> Susan
> Mom to Julianna - 17, Danny - 15, Katrina - 11, Jonathan - 5, dx 08/00,
> pumping since 03/02, and Nicholas - 3
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