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HELP!!!!! was Re: [IPp] re: Noah's 504 plan

In a message dated 8/1/2002 5:07:28 PM Central Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> Right, but an IEP has no teeth. Violation of the provisions of a 504
> plan could subject the school district to loss of all federal
> funding. Not fulfilling the provisions of the IEP is "ah gee... to
> bad, we forgot"  or something like that. There is no enforcement
> mechanism.

Woah!    I'm freaking out now!!!!      All these years (from Kind-6th)
has been attending school under an IEP which included medical instructions.
These were always typed up on a "Multipurpose" form provided by our
metropolitan areas Special School District for use at the local school

Last year,  (when he didn't attend school 2nd semester due to DKA,
starting pump, and "Butthead" Nurses who messed with us and him------
they didn't accept the "504 MEdical Plan"  submitted by the Doctor,
but instead CREATED their own Medical Care Plan (which we still were
refusing to sign on the last day of school).

>From what I'm hearing you say,  Zachary needs to have the 504 Plan
included in his IEP?     Without the 504 he's not sufficiently covered?
We meet with his school for his re-entry IEP in a week.    We were already
planning on requesting blood testing in the classrooms (which they have
NEVER allowed before).     Do I need to be requesting a special meeting,
or just get special forms prior to the meeting?


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