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Re: [IPp] Nephrologist

> Our endo has never tested Matthew's urine. Should I ask them about
> it? Sarah :)
Depends on how long he's been diabetic. If it's been more than a few 
years, then it is routine to do a dilated eye exam (optometrist or 
otthamalologist) and a kidney function test at least annually. 24 
hour urine collection is considered passee now, they do 3 morning 
first catch urines instead according to our neph... who is a well 
known and published research doc. Discuss it with your endo. It is 
unusual for young kids to exhibit problems, but there are a few on 
the list that have very high reading unmedicated. Normal is <<30, I'm 
talking about readings in the 1000's for these kids so it does 
happen, it's just unusual. The same thing is true of diabetic 
retinopathy. It is unusual, but I know one young women that was just 
20 when she need both eyes to be lasered. No one ever bothered to 
check until she had bleeds.

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