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[IPp] re: stdized tests in 504 plan

> Mary had to leave in the middle of one portion of the TAAS test this
> year.....her teacher was livid.....Mary's bgs went very high
> (stress?).....I took her home.....our district is trying to put in
> the 504 that accommodations and strategies do not apply during these
> tests...

>you can REQUIRE accomodations and extra time by putting them in your 
>child's 504. This is standard practice for all examinations including 
>such things as SAT's and PSAT's for highschool kids. The school does 
>not have a say in this matter. It is your child's right under federal 

Beverly & Michael -
Thanks!  This just reaffirms that we are definitely going to do a 504
plan & will include the exam accomodations in it.  All of our other
requests have been handled in the past just through the district's
policy & our wonderful school staff, who have dealt with 5 children
with diabetes in past 5 years (currently at 3 for this school year,
2 of whom pump).  But this issue especially I want to make sure is
covered by our documentation, not just school policy since that can

Beverly, I know you'll be successful in Mary's plan but am sorry
to hear about what you had to go through.  I would bet she went
high from stress.  My 9yr old, non-D, was really stressing last 
year in her first TAAS tests.  The schools put too much pressure
on the kids for those.

Thanks for the help everyone!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99 & to non-D Kate 9 & Trevor 12

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