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Re: [IPp] eye exam


Matthew was diagnosed as being legally blind in his left eye.  So at first we 
were patching to try and strengthen that eye, and it did improve his vision 
from 20/100  to now 20/50.  He won't get much better than that.  Our eye 
doctor specializes in kids and his wife recently passed away from Diabetes 
related complications...so he is well aware of the problems that could arise 
in Matthew. He is tell me that Matthew was born this way and it is not caused 
by Diabetes.  When Matthew went for five yr check up at the pediatrician he 
failed the eye test.  At the time I was not sure if he was being difficult or 
if he truly couldn't see the chart.  This doctor has this machine that looks 
into the eye and behind it and could tell without him doing an eye exam on a 
chart that Matthew was legally blind in that eye and was born that way. So he 
wears glasses with only the left side being a prescription and the right side 
just plastic.  He looks just like the little boy from Jerry Maquire and My 
Little Vampire.  Do you guys know who I am talking about????  Well, Matthew 
is that little boys twin, truly.
Sarah :)
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