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Re: [IPp] re: Noah's 504 plan


I agree with you that we need to work together.  Also, the summer school is 
only 3wks long...and I have an IEP with his regular school which has his 
medical plan outlined, since really this is a continuation of the school 
year, the IEP should still be in affect for summer school?? Right?
Sarah :)
Oh, and by the way his basal is at 0.1 during the day, my only option is to 
disconnect which will require the nurse to do that (and if she doesn't want 
to test, she wont want to disconnect then reconnect the pump) or like you 
mentioned add an extra snack. But before I do anything, I want to see if 
there is a pattern to these lows that I can make a more educated decision as 
to what to do about them.
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