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Re: [IPp] re: Noah's 504 plan

> Michael,
> I have a question for ya....
> My son is currently attending a summer academy at a local elementary school, 
> as he will be repeating kindergarten. The kids only have a snack at the 
> academy as it is only 1/2 days.  I have requested that the school nurse test 
> him before he leaves to come home on the bus. The bus is an hour long ride 
> and I want to be sure he will be safe.  Well, so far, all week he has been 
> low at that time (50's) she has been giving him a juice and then sending him 
> home on the bus. Well, I just found out that he has been having gym class and 
> this is most likely the reason for his lows. So I requested that she test him 
> right after gym class. Her response was....I dont think that is necessary, 
> maybe you should reduce his insulin or give an extra snack and not cover it. 
> I dont feel doing any extra testing is the answer.  My response....I am sorry 
> but I want to catch the lows before they get too low.  And you need to test 
> when I say to test.
> Now, I am in the middle of waiting to hear from our doctor, I am hoping she 
> will fax over an order saying that the nurse is to do what I tell her to do, 
> and too bad she doesn't agree.  The nurse said there is another diabetic 
> child also attending and her parents dont have the nurse test at all while 
> she is there. Well, I dont care about the other kid, I care about MINE, and 
> if the other parents want to take a chance that their daughter wont be either 
> high or low that is up to them....I keep my son in very tight control, which 
> is why our HbA1c's are always in the 6's.
> How can I make this nurse listen to me, do what I want done for MY child????
> I just hope this is not the start to an upcoming problem when school starts 
> again.
Depends.... if this is a "public school" program, i.e. it is done by 
the school district, just request a 504 meeting asap in writing. The 
doc's order will help too. Since they have 30 days to schedule the 
meeting, it may be moot this time around, but once it's in his 
records, they will be bound by the 504. The procedure is always the 
same. You basically have to rub their collective noses in the law to 
make them understand what's necessary. sigh...... All that said, it 
behoves you to make it as easy as possible for them to help you. If 
you can tweak Matt's basals a little to anticipate the low or provide 
him with a simple carb snack before gym class (cheezits???) to cover 
the extra exercise, this could help a lot. You want to be their 
partner, not their advisary and visa versa. Confrontation is the last 
resort when you are getting no cooperation at all. 

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