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[IPp] Answers and thoughts on the last digest

First of all to Cindy and others that were asking about the 2 death of kids in Megans school.  Yes both of these children were diabetic and the deaths were diabetic related.  I did not live here when they died but from what I heard one was on a pump and they were not testing her blood sugars like they should have and she went into dka.  I also heard that she was not compliant on her diet and was eating candy bars.  All I know is they both died, neither were at school when it happened.  But, I know that it scares me to know not testing often enough can cause this.

I just heard this morning that a sister in law of a friend went into dka and was in intensive care for a few days because her pump malfunctioned. (she wasn't testing often either)  So I know we have a job to do--test often!

Now for my other coment:  I can't remember who's son is in the summer school, but the nurse has to listen.  Not only testing after exercise, but before too(that way if he is below a certain point, Megans is 140, he snacks before)and then after to make sure he is ok.  How you get it thru to the nurse I don't know!  Just because one student is not doing the right way doesn't mean that it is ok to put your son in danger.  The problem with diabetes is that most people haven't had a lot of exposure to children with diabetes.  Everyone knows some adult that is type2 that eats what they want never test and is ok.  People just don't understand about kids and diabetes and how food and exercise effect their bodies very quickly. 

This nurse needs education! Maybe have your endo write a letter or give her a call!  Her comment "I don't think that is necessary" enraged me and it isn't my child.  And, I am worried about the other child!!!  




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