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Re: [IPp] Finally talked

Dear Penny,

Way to go!  I am going to be saying what you just did real soon. 


>From: "PWalker" >Reply-To: email @ redacted >To:
>Subject: [IPp] Finally talked >Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:18:26 -0500 >
>I was running into the same kind of problems with my daughter Britt dx
Oct 99 >during school last year. The school wanted her to walk to the
nurse and let >her test there. The school was over crowded and because
she was in the older >class they had to walk around the building to her
class in a trailer. I walked >it and it was 176 steps from the nurse. I
said that would not work because if >she is having a low she would pass
out before she got there. I told the school >that she could be tested by
the nurse but they would need to come to her. If >she felt she needed to
test they were suppose to call the nurse to come to her >needless to say
they changed there mind about her testing in the nurses >office. What I
have done is typed out a 5 page plan for her that I take to the >Dr that
stated she can test anywhere she needs to. It also gives information
>about lows and highs and everything in-between and the Dr was pleased
and ask >to keep a copy to show other parents. The Dr signed the plan and
stated on the >plan that this was the medical treatment that the school
would need to follow >and I have not had any problems since. This is the
third school she has been >in since dx we are in the military and move
alot. It has been a struggle. The >second school was the one that gave
the most problems. They did not was to be >liable if something happen.
The only thing that happen was some boys took her >test kit while she was
on the Gym floor her test kit was by the Coaches desk >and they opened it
up and dared a kid to take a strip well the kid was stupid >enough to
stick it in his mouth and chew on it. The school counselor was not
>pleased but, she said she thinks that the other boys dared him to. These
are >not little kids they were 11 and 12 year olds. She is now in a
different >school and different state and with being on the pump she
doesn't have to see >the nurse unless she wants to. All I can say is
don't give up. Also the >superintendent can not talk to anyone about your
child having diabetes with >out your consent. >Just speekin my mind in
Texas >Penny mom of Brittany age 12 dx Oct 99
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