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Re: [IPp] Contact sports

 I know the post exercise lows are a challenge but I started doing carb
replacement after intense exercise with the football after reading endlessly
about how muscles replace glycogen and we started giving carbohydrates within 2
hours of the activity since that is when muscles most rapidly re-uptake sugar
that helped
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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 06:58:37 
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Dan played lacrosse his first two years in high
school.  He quit this year because practice went to
every day, in addition to at least two weekend
double-header games, and he just doesn't have time for
that kind of commitment.

While I loved the regular exercise Dan got from
lacrosse, we did have exactly the same concerns you
mention.  His sites (butt or love-handle area) got
messed up occasionally, but it was usually pretty
obvious if it was damaged. I didn't worry about the
canula being pushed in so much as the site just
loosening up.  If the site looked loose or weird, we
would change it after the game or practice. On away
games, he always had an insulin pen with him, in case
he needed to correct and had a bad site.

The long disconnects were a huge problem.  Sometimes
he would go three or four hours disconnected, despite
my frequent reminders that that was verboten!  For
other sports, Dan had been able to reconnect, test and
bolus at some point, but in lacrosse it's hard to do
because the kids are subbed in and out so fast it's
hard to find time to do it, in addition to the fact
that his hands were often cold and therefore hard to
get blood out of, he had bulky gloves on, and he was
covered with mud.  This was more of a problem on game
days than on practice days, since games tended to be
doubled up or come in tournaments.  

Some of the post-game highs can be adrenaline-induced
as well.  Dan used to get those in basketball, and we
found they were helped somewhat by a small snack (with
some protein and some carb) about an hour before game
time.  He would bolus for it (sometimes at a reduced
rate in anticipation of exercise), but just getting a
little additional insulin in there seemed to help the
post-game highs.  For lacrosse, though, I feel the
extended disconnects were usually the cause of the

Had he stayed in the sport, this year we were going to
try Lantus for game days, to get some background
insulin, bolusing with the pump for meals and
corrections as needed.  I think that is the best bet
for this situation, unless someone else has come up
with a pump-based solution that works.

Dan also had pretty significant delayed lows after
games (like eight hours later, during the night).  

Best of luck -- let us know what is working and what


  Mom of Chris, 24, Carrie, 20, Dan, 16 dx 01 pumping cozmo 03, aunt and
of Mike, 20, and wife of Jim
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