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Re: [IPp] Contact sports

 I have had same challenges with my son Blake age 14 who started football 2
years ago. Well 2 years ago - I had him go to the untethered regime with the
pump and we started covering site with HY tape that worked pretty well then did
not worry about getting rehooked up and with football pads even with softset
hard to bolus at halftime
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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 10:56:36 
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Subject: Re: [IPp] Contact sports

>  I have a question for those of you who have children playing the VERY
>  agressive
> sport, Lacrosse. My son disconnects for every practice and game
> because of the high contact and aggressiveness. What I keep worrying
> about, however, is his site. He wears shoulder and elbow pads as well
> as a helmet and gloves, but his site is usually around his waist area
> where he has no protection. For anyone who has seen a lacrosse game,
> you know that the players bang into each other, push each other, hit
> each other with their sticks and they end up on the ground alot. I
> always worry about Brendan's site getting ripped out or pushed in too
> far or something like that. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on
> this? Also, my son has been having trouble with highs after lacrosse
> practices and games and I have been blaming it on being disconnected
> for more than an hour at a time. Has anyone else had this problem and
> what do you do?

For soccer, Lily would check at half time and hookup and bolus 
accordingly. Or.... if she felt bad, signal for a sub, fix things up 
and go back in. One comment she made was that unless her bg's were 
below ~140 or so, she could not get the performance out of her body 
when she needed to sprint. This is a good reminder that good control 
helps aggressive players perform better. High blood sugars in sports, 
usually caused by low blood insulin levels, prevent the muscles from 
using the glucose that is there for them. Adequate insulin levels are 
a must.

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