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RE: [IPp] How frequently do you get a new pump?

 I'd have asked WHY the no jewelry rule. I'm sure it's just so it doesn't get

 People knowing my daughter is diabetic is FAR more important than the minor
risk of a bracelet breaking. (heck, ours break all the time...easy to fix)

 I'd have fought that one. It is not a "make me pretty" thing. It's a "keep me
alive" thing.

Father to Allie.
7 Years Old.  Dx'd 12/9/2002, pumping Animas since 2/2/2004
IR1000 2/2/2004 - 8/25/2004
IR1200 8/25/2004 - 1/16/2006
IR1200+ (1250) 1/16/2006 - 10/2007
IR2020 - 10/27 - Present

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 Reminds me of a situation last summer, Megan was so embarrassed during an
Allstar softball game. She was the batter and when the ref noticed her bracelet
he stopped the game and at first he had her remove the medical bracelet (no
jewelry allowed). Then he called me back to put the bracelet back on then
proceed to tape the heck out of it with masking tape so you could not longer
tell what was underneath! I had to chuckle to myself because she was wearing her
pump, with the sports clip, snug inside her pants and undies. (We leave her pump
on during softball, not enough activity to suspend the insulin) If only he knew!
Oh yeah, she is only 8 so we weren't talking major contact, more of a safety
issue. For future games she just left the bracelet off.

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> I guess if the refs couldn't see it they couldn't force the child to
> take off the omnipod.  Dan always had to disconnect.  As a matter of
> fact, he wasn't even allowed to wear his medical ID bracelet.
> Mary
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