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RE: [IPp] Taking off Pumps for Sport

Sure, and I wouldn't argue with that.  If your child does best when
off-pump for the duration of sports activity, then that's clearly the
way to go.  We have found that to not be consistently the case with
Brian, however.  Diff'rent strokes...


> Most pump companies recommend that pumps be removed for any 
> contact sport, it doesn't have to be rough. We always 
> disconnect for all sports anyway.
> Sarah's bgs fall rapidly during sport or high energy 
> activity, so I dont want more insulin going in anyway. I dont 
> like the idea of have zero basal/suspend for any duration as 
> the site is more likely to block. I also consider that sport 
> is a time to allow the odd hours freedom from the pump.
> I suppose that pump choice needs to take account of how 
> active or sporty your child is. We like the Animas2020 for 
> lots of reasons; it being such a sturdy, tough and waterproof 
> pump is definately some of them. Sarah likes the Animas 
> because its pink but also because its neat and small and so 
> less conspicious, which is an issue for her at 11 years old.  
> Remember that you have to keep the pump for 4 years, so 
> forward planning on these matters is also important.
> Karen (mum to Sarah, diabetic 10 years, now pumping 
> Animas2020, previously Cozmo, previously Medtronic 511 and 512) .
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