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Re: [IPp] How frequently do you get a new pump?

My daughter had the mini med for 4 year and we also were satisfied with it.
But we had trouble with a few things so we changed our pump company when out
warranty was up.
We have went with Omnipod and it so far is great.
The needles as so small they are not leaving a scare like mini med was.
So small a needle she can hardly feel the insertion which the pod does for
We do like it.
Linda  MOm of Jenna 15

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 10:32 PM, Lisa Hepner <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Our pump is hitting the end of its warranty and people have suggested it
> is
> time for a new pump.  Do you get a new pump when the warranty is up?
>  Also,
> we currently have the Minimed, but I would love to keep our options open.
>  We have been happy with the pump, but it is kind of a hassle that it is
> not
> waterproof and I have found the customer service to be less than desired.
>  We would also love to do CGGM, but it is not covered by insurance yet and
> I
> also don't want to add another thing for my six year old to wear.  He
> transports so much gear now as it is.  :)  Our doctor only works with
> Minimed pumps so if we do end up switching we may have to switch doctors.
>  I
> really don't know why he is not open to working with other pumps :/
> .
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