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Re: [IPp] CGMS Selection Questions

Scott, we have been using minimed for 4 years and just added the cgms which 
is a wonderful tool.  We are taking a one month break from the sensor to 
allow her skin to heal and they just advise us we should no longer use her 
legs for the sensor, you can only use the stomach, back and buttocks.  The 
buttocks isn't a good spot for us because it interfers with her pants when 
she uses the restroom.  This break has reinforced how much I really like the 
sensor, when I get a BS reading that is and the low end of her range it is 
helpful to know if she is on her way up or down.  I miss it right now.  Lost 
data isn't an issue and the start up time is reasonable.  As for real 
estate, the reason we are taking a break is to allow her skin to heal - she 
itches after we remove the adhesive, we use a cream prior to applying the 
adhesvise and that helps quite a bit.  With the sensor you don't have to 
wear them 365 a year you can take time off as we did.  It is tough to see 
them wear two devices, my daughter is bigger and taller then most kids in 
her class and we still look for "clean" spots for her devices and have 
started using the backs of her arms for the pump site as she now has enough 
body fat in that area that the muscle doesn't interfer with the infusion 
set.  Good luck. Suzanne

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Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 10:21 PM
Subject: [IPp] CGMS Selection Questions
> Hi All,
> Just recently joined the group and have learned much already just from 
> reading the posts so far.
> My daughter Riley is 5 years old, dxd in 2006, and is currently on the 
> OmniPod since May 2007.  We are considering CGMS for her, as her blood 
> sugars are very irregular - swings from 250+ to below 60 are common from 
> day to day.
> We have done some research on the different systems out there, but have a 
> few questions regarding which CGMS to purchase.
> (1) It appears that the MiniMed Guardian and the Navigator are the only 
> two with predictive alarming.  It seems that this capability would be 
> invaluable for being preemptive in stopping highs and lows.  Is there a 
> reason why folks would choose the Dexcom Seven over other CGMS systems 
> that have this capability?
> (2) The MiniMed Guardian is the only system in which the transmitter 
> stores data if the receiver is not within range.  For those people using 
> other systems, is it an issue for you that segments of data might be lost 
> because the receiver is out of range?
> (3) The startup time on the Navigator is 10 hours, as compared to 2 hours 
> for the others.  This is quite a gap - is the 10 hour startup time a 
> significant issue for those on the Navigator?
> (4) My daughter is quite thin, and we are concerned about the available 
> "real estate" on her body between the OmniPod and a CGMS 
> sensor/transmitter.  Has this been an issue for any parents of smaller 
> children, and if so, do folks have any recommendations as far as what 
> system to purchase in this regard?
> These are a few issues I've noticed - please feel free to highlight 
> likes/dislikes that you've noticed in your CGMS.
> Thank you for any info you could provide.
> Scott and Steph, parents of Riley (5) and Wren (4)
> .
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