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RE: [IPp] CGMS Selection Questions

 1. We use the CGMS - Medtronic Minilink - for my 3 year old son. We've had it
since he was 20 months. The alarms are useful if you are nearby. We do not hear
the alarms very well at night - even though we have a baby monitor in his room.
He does not wake up when the alarm is ringing. If the monitor is under the
blanket - you will not hear it ring. It's not loud enough. It also vibrates when
it rings - but my son still doesn't wake up. So, for us, the alarm is not that
useful. We are hoping they improve it as time goes on. However, at pre-school -
the alarms have been helpful. The teacher calls us when the alarm rings and we
have caught several lows this way.

 2. We always have the transmitter near his pump so we do not lose any
information. Sometimes information is lost if we do not calibrate on time. Other
than that - the information is always stored in the pump. You should note that
the numbers are not always accurate. The trends, however, are usually accurate.
So you will be able to see the patterns of highs and lows.

 3.The startup time for the minilink is 2 hours. Then it wants you to calibrate
again 6 hours later. We find this ok. You can also trick it and calibrate sooner
if you want. A 10 hour startup time seems too long.

 4. Jake is 3 and is pretty thin. Real Estate is an issue. We mostly use his
butt and hips for the pump and the CGMS. He's allergic to adhesive so his butt
has red bumps all over it. He scratches a lot making it look worse. We figure,
red marks are much better than poorly controlled diabetes. The CGMS has been a
huge help for control. Jake's A1C's are very good for a toddler. WE definitely
believe the CGMS helped bring down his A1C's . Don't worry about "Real Estate".
You will find places to insert it. We've caught many lows and have fixed many
highs - by having the CGMS.

 FYI... Jake used to cry when we inserted the CGMS. The crying lasted a couple
of months. Now he's a pro - and doesn't say a word. He's used to it all right
now I'm amazed at how strong he is. I'm sure your daughter will get used to it

Good luck

 Joy - mom to Jake - age 3, dxd 12/05 at 1yr, pumping minimed 4/06, cgms since

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Hi All,

 Just recently joined the group and have learned much already just from reading
the posts so far.

 My daughter Riley is 5 years old, dxd in 2006, and is currently on the OmniPod
since May 2007. We are considering CGMS for her, as her blood sugars are very
irregular - swings from 250+ to below 60 are common from day to day.

 We have done some research on the different systems out there, but have a few
questions regarding which CGMS to purchase.

 (1) It appears that the MiniMed Guardian and the Navigator are the only two
with predictive alarming. It seems that this capability would be invaluable for
being preemptive in stopping highs and lows. Is there a reason why folks would
choose the Dexcom Seven over other CGMS systems that have this capability?

 (2) The MiniMed Guardian is the only system in which the transmitter stores
data if the receiver is not within range. For those people using other systems,
is it an issue for you that segments of data might be lost because the receiver
is out of range?

 (3) The startup time on the Navigator is 10 hours, as compared to 2 hours for
the others. This is quite a gap - is the 10 hour startup time a significant
issue for those on the Navigator?

 (4) My daughter is quite thin, and we are concerned about the available "real
estate" on her body between the OmniPod and a CGMS sensor/transmitter. Has this
been an issue for any parents of smaller children, and if so, do folks have any
recommendations as far as what system to purchase in this regard?

 These are a few issues I've noticed - please feel free to highlight
likes/dislikes that you've noticed in your CGMS.

Thank you for any info you could provide.

Scott and Steph, parents of Riley (5) and Wren (4) .
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