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[IPp] Re: Responses to Omnipod questions

> 1) My son is 5.  Because he's a boy we probably don't come up  
> against the visibility issue too much.  He wears the pump on his  
> belly or lower back (above the belt line).  We started on the  
> buttocks, but found that to be an issue with pulling up and down  
> pants for going to the bathroom.  The only time Caleb's pod is  
> visible is when he's swimming, and he just simply does not care.   
> With tight clothing - like leotards, I believe it will be noticable,  
> although not blatant.  Back side may make it more obvious simply  
> because that area is already somewhat extended from the body (does  
> that make sense?), but I don't have any personal experience with  
> tight clothing.
2) We have never ever had an issue with bubbles.  As long as we get  
the really big bubbles out of the syringe before filling the pod we  
are fine.  I almost always have several "champagne" bubbles that I  
ignore and they seem to be dealt with while the pod primes.  Bubbles  
are simply not an issue for us.
3) Caleb is 5 - started with the Omnipod when he was 4 and we were  
erroneously told by our endo that the Omnipod would never work on him  
bc he was too small/slender.  We have never experienced an insertion  
issue.  When we press the button on the PDM to insert, we press the  
pod on the body a little to help (something the trainer told us to  
do).  I don't actually know if this matters, as I have never not done  
that.  Some people pinch the skin like when you give an injection -  
this did not work for us.  The couple of times I did it resulted in  
his site bleeding.  Since we weren't having any issues with the  
"pressing" method" I continue to do that and everything works fine.

Your first question makes me think of a video I saw on YouTube of Nick  
Jonas - someone was videoing him from behind while he was doing an  
interview or something, and the way he was standing pulled his shirt  
tight and the videographer zeroed in on the area where the pod was.  I  
have heard that fans try to "spot the pod" on him as a game.  To me,  
it seemed like more of a badge of honor, but I know that's just a  
mom's perspective and not an 8 year old girl's perspective.  I do know  
that it even helps my 5 year old son to know that such a cool,  
superstar uses the same pump that he does.  So if your daughter is a  
Jonas Brothers fan, maybe that would help.

Kind regards,

> I like some of the aspects of the omnipod, but have several questions.
> 1- our daughter is very active is ballet and gymnastics among other
> things.  We currently disconnect for those activities.  We pretty much
> use back side for sites.  Does the pod create a very noticeable
> bubble?
> 2- I saw on the video how you fill up the reservoir.  Is there any
> issue with air bubbles?  (Since there is no visible tubing, I guess it
> would be hard to tell if there was a bubble.)
> 3- Since it does the insertion automatically, therefore at the same
> angle every time, is it an issue for thinner children where a steeper
> angle may be necessary?
> Thanks, I'm sure I'll come up with more questions.
> On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 6:08 PM, LINDA BALL <email @ redacted>  
> wrote:
>> We are new users of omni pod but we are loving it.
>> very easy to use. My daugher  is really pleased with the omnipod.
>> Linda
>> On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 8:00 AM, mcanty <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>> mcanty <email @ redacted>
>>> We are parents trying to decide which pump to use for our child. He
>>> is a typical teenage male. We live in Virginia. He has been  
>>> diagnosed
>>> for 1 year he uses Lantus and Novalog. He is a great kid and has  
>>> done
>>> well managing his illness. We are considering the Omni pod.
>> .
> .
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