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Re: [IPp] Do you ever suspect that there is some activity in the pancreas?

 I had the same problem with my son Justin ever since he was dx at 19 months, he
is now almost 8y old. . Justin #'s would be good for days then, all of suddenly,
he would be hit with lows after lows after lows for no apparent reason. I did
notice how ever he would sometimes complain of his tummy hurting before the lows
would hit. He was checked for celiac and insulin production both were neg. It
became so bad for us last year that he missed 36 days for school causing him to
be left back. Finally his Ped sent him to a G.I. Dr. and they preformed a
endoscope on with biopsy of his G.i. in ,August of 07, looking for anything that
could explain the lows. Everything came back normal. They DX Justin with
irritable bowel syndrome. I was told people are DX with I.B.S when there are
tummy problems with no apparent reason. I was given a list of food to avoid that
is known to aggravate I.B.S. one of the top offenders were artificial
sweeteners. I then remembered when Justin was DX the
  Endo at the time told me to be care full of artificial sweeteners it could
give him a tummy ache. He preferred I gave him sugar and bolas for it. I totally
removed all artificial sweeteners from his diet like Cristal light, sugar free
gum, candy's, ice cream, and only give him diet soda if we are eating out and
his #'s are to high for juice. I have not removed anything else from his diet,
and I am pleased to say that so far we have not had any more unexplained lows,
but sad to say are A1c went up.
  Gina, mom of Justin, 7y old, Dx @ 19m, pumping since 2

Lisa Hepner <email @ redacted> wrote:

This is such a random question, but sometimes I feel like Gavin's pancreas
gets jumpstarted. He will have pretty consistent numbers and then wham get
socked with low after low with no change in activity, diet etc. Lately he
has really been struggling with lows. Also, his need for insulin has not
increased much in the almost six years that he has had diabetes. I am sure
it is just the nature of the disease, but it is so perplexing to me.
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