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RE: [IPp] Omnipod - Need more info

Hi Amber,

My son (age 11) has been using the OmniPod system for about 20 months
now.  Before that he was on MDI, so we don't have a basis for comparison
to other pumps.  But it has certainly worked well for Brian.  He can go
about his day largely oblivious to the presence of the pod.  Nothing is
perfect, of course.  The pods have a relatively high failure rate for
us, maybe 5-10%.  Failures often come in clusters, suggesting to me that
it could be occasional issues of quality control in manufacture.  OTOH,
the company is very good about replacing failed units.  The PDM control
unit is a tad fragile - Brian has gone through four already.  Once
again, Insulet is good about replacing them.  These have been pretty
minor inconveniences to us compared to the level of freedom Brian
enjoys, but I think it's good to know these things.  Based on our
experience I can certainly recommend the system highly.


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> I just heard about the Omnipod and checked out their website. 
>  It looks great.
> My dd is getting to an age where soon she will not want to 
> wear a "pump pouch"
> and this would certainly solve that problem!  It almost seems 
> too good to be true (except that it doesn't include a CGM)!  
> Do any of your children have one?  Do you/they like it?  Pros 
> and cons?  Dd will have been pumping four years in June and 
> will be due for a new pump so I want to know all my options.
> Also, I was wondering if there are many insurance companies 
> that cover it?  I have Kaiser and I'm sure they probably don't.
> Any info would be greatly appreciated!
> Thank you very much!
> Amber
> mama to Haleigh, 8 dx'd 10/15/02 pumping Animas since 6/04   
> Emma, 7  Noah, 4
> and Ella, 2
> .
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