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Re: [IPp] Question for Cozmo Pumpers ? HELP!!!

Hi Stacey

I am switching Justin to the Sils because he gets blood in the hub of the
quickset almost always after 24 hours. I think it is because when I
disconnect Justin for a shower I find it almost impossible to reconnect the
set. I have to push so hard that the site twist. I am hoping to keep the set
in 2 days with the Sils but they are scary.

Gina, Mom of Justin, 2 years old, pumping.

Stacey wrote
Hi Gina-
I have a question... Why are you changing from the
quicksets to the sils?
> Hi Stacey
>        My son Justin Just got his Cozmo 2 weeks ago.
> He will start pumping
> with Cozmo on the 8th. He is currently pumping with
> the Mini Med Paradigm,
> and also uses the quick set.  I also live in NY, and
> I got Mini Med infusion
> sets for the Cozmo through Edge Park D.M.E.
> Phone # to Edge Park is 1 800 321 0591
> You can also get your infusion set though Mini Med,
> they are interchangeable.
> Justin will start using the Sils with his Cozmo, but
> the long needle really
> scare me.
> Hope this helps
> Gina, Mom of Justin, 2 years old, pumping with
> Paradigm, soon to be pumping
> with Cozmo.
> Stacey Wrote
> After fighting with our insurance co. , Jesse's
> cozmo
> is finally being shipped. He is currently pumping
> saline with a loaner and is due to start pumping
> insulin on May 6th. He is using the minimed
> quicksets.My rep gave me a weeks supply of stuff...
> I
> was given the impression that all supplies would be
> supplied by Deltec. Now I find out that they dont
> have
> the quicksets. Since I am new to this, I'm not sure
> what to do. Deltec is suggesting that I get All of
> my
> supplies from Logimedics, in Florida.( we live in
> NY)
> . Or I was thinking...... Should I have Deltec send
> me
> what they have and just get the quicksets from
> minimed??? I dont even know if I can do that, since
> I'm not using their pump.  I'm a little nervous
> about
> having to deal with a pharmacutical co. that is
> sooooo
> far away.... I was wondering how other cozmo users
> were dealing with this.... I never realized that
> there
> would be so many problems involved with this... By
> the
> way, Jesse loves his pump and slept like a baby last
> night, his first night wearing it !!!
> Stacey
> Mom to Allison (17) , Daniel (15),
> and Jesse ,11,  DX Dec 2001. PUMPING  4/29/03 !!!!
> Happily Married to Scott for 23 years !!!!!
> Belle Harbor, New York
> for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact:
> HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
> for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact:
> HELP@insulin-pumpers.org

Mom to Allison- 17 , Daniel-15,
& Jesse 10 1/2, Dx dec. 2001
Belle Harbor, NY

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