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Hi Stacey

       My son Justin Just got his Cozmo 2 weeks ago. He will start pumping
with Cozmo on the 8th. He is currently pumping with the Mini Med Paradigm,
and also uses the quick set.  I also live in NY, and I got Mini Med infusion
sets for the Cozmo through Edge Park D.M.E.

Phone # to Edge Park is ! 800 321 0591

You can also get your infusion set though Mini Med, they are interchangeable.
Justin will start using the Sils with his Cozmo, but the long needle really
scare me.

Hope this helps

Gina, Mom of Justin, 2 years old, pumping with Paradigm, soon to be pumping
with Cozmo.

Stacey Wrote

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After fighting with our insurance co. , Jesse's cozmo
is finally being shipped. He is currently pumping
saline with a loaner and is due to start pumping
insulin on May 6th. He is using the minimed
quicksets.My rep gave me a weeks supply of stuff...  I
was given the impression that all supplies would be
supplied by Deltec. Now I find out that they dont have
the quicksets. Since I am new to this, I'm not sure
what to do. Deltec is suggesting that I get All of my
supplies from Logimedics, in Florida.( we live in NY)
. Or I was thinking...... Should I have Deltec send me
what they have and just get the quicksets from
minimed??? I dont even know if I can do that, since
I'm not using their pump.  I'm a little nervous about
having to deal with a pharmacutical co. that is sooooo
far away.... I was wondering how other cozmo users
were dealing with this.... I never realized that there
would be so many problems involved with this... By the
way, Jesse loves his pump and slept like a baby last
night, his first night wearing it !!!
Mom to Allison (17) , Daniel (15),
and Jesse ,11,  DX Dec 2001. PUMPING  4/29/03 !!!!
Happily Married to Scott for 23 years !!!!!
Belle Harbor, New York
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