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Re: [IPp] Re: delayed response to exercise

 I guess for us- It would be not only more eating - but since she is constantly
jumping around, in and out of the pool, playing with pool toys, it more
convenient to "take it off". It works for us at this point in her life.Bonnie
(Rachel - age 4)

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> I don't let her in the
> pool under 200 though because she drops like a lead balloon when
> swimming. Bonnie

This is not directly comparable because your daughter is so much 
younger and smaller (4yo). When Lily was on swim team as a pre-teen, 
she needed 10-15 grams/hour of carb intake to keep her bg's level. 
She would either munch crackers (cheezits) during practice, or eat 
some more long acting carb source -- like a powerbar -- before hand 
to make sure she had adequate continuous glucose supply while 
swimming. No pump off of course during practice.

Maybe something similar would be of use to your child.

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