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RE:[IPp] stubborn high counts

Just my 2 cents, about whether or not to change the set.  A couple things to 
consider...are you using humalog or novolog.  We found that with the humalog 
we got clogged cannulas rather frequently, the set would appear normal but 
would have mysteriously high numbers without any reason.  Not very high but 
say in the upper 200's and we just could not seem to get her in range no 
matter how much insulin went in.  Then when we removed the set, the cannula 
would be all cloudy or look like there were little crystals in it.  Thus the 
insulin was just not getting through.  Michael then posted something about 
the crystallizing of the humalog in the cannulas, about a year ago or so and 
we spoke to our endo who agreed and we changed to novolog.  When we changed 
to the novolog this happened much less frequently, almost never.  Also, our 
endo has always recommended to us that if we can't seem to bring the blood 
sugar in to range after a couple corrections to replace the set.  Especially 
if 2 numbers in a row are over 300.  Sometimes the cannula is kinked under 
the skin and you can't see it.  Personally I would change his set whether or 
not it is the scheduled day.  We usually get 2 to 3 days out of a set, but I 
will change it after 24 hours if her numbers seem out of line.  Also we 
usually do 2 set changes on every reservoir.  Hope he's in range when he gets 
home and you don't have to do the set change.

wife to David, 10 1/2 yrs, Mom to Shannon, 5, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01, & 
Kaitlyn, 2
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