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RE: [IPp] Silhouette infusion sets

Hi-I have a non-d child like that too!  I got it from Canadian
Pharmacy.com.  Fayeron

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  I just bought some EMLA cream online
> from a Canadian Pharmacy (it's discontinued here and you don't need a 
> prescription there for it).  It was $10 for a 5 gram tube (which is 
> maybe 8 insertions).  I think in the beginning it would be worth 
> trying that.  Good luck!Fayeron mom to Alex (10, dx'd 8/01, pumping 
> paradigm 4/03), Zack (10), Josh (4), wife to Bob for 15 years


Where on-line did you order the Emla cream.  My diabetic son (14)
inserts with no problem and no Emla, but my 9 year old non-diabetic
panics at the thought of flu shots.

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