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Re: [IPp] stubborn high counts

Jeremy uses the Paradigm, too.  We also get the low rez alarm starting at 30 
units left, and we overfill also, so that we don't get the alarms.  The way 
it works out for us now, we either throw out the unused insulin in the 
reservoirs, or we throw it out in the Humalog vial -- he does not use more 
than one bottle a month.  When we do an early site change, and I know we 
have enough that would last us 2 days for sure, I just change the site and 
not the reservoir and tell him to deal with the alarm, should it happen.

Our batteries have been lasting 3 weeks usually; sometimes more sometimes 
less.  We do not use the remote or the vibrate mode at all, and when he uses 
the backlight, he always turns it off manually instead of letting it turn 
off itself.

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 9, pumping 6/02

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Subject: [IPp] stubborn high counts
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 19:28:40 -0700

OK, I'd love to have some input.  Last night was the night of the
stubborn high.  Basically, despite consistent bolusing every 2 hours,
Alex stayed at 275-305 the bulk of the night.  Around 5:30 am he went to
68, I treated very mildly, he woke up at 120.  At lunch time he was 375.
He just left for baseball, 201-which is ok.  Now, old pros out there,
here are my questions:

1.  I don't think the site is technically bad, but it seems like
something must be going on with the absorption.  I'm thinking when he
gets back I should probably change the site.  It would be a day early
and I'm out of EMLA, so I don't really want to...what do you all think?

2.  Even at the end of 3 days , we throw out alot of insulin.  If you
change the site early, do you just throw out more insulin or is there
anyway to use what is left in the reservoir?  If I change his site
today, I will throw out 48ml of insulin-what a waste.  I keep trying to
fill the reservoir with less but I hate it when I get those low
reservoir messages.

3.  Also, unrelated, has anybody figured out how long you really have
when you get a low battery alarm on the paradigm?  Ours needs to be
changed every 5 days or so.  Does that seem right?


mom to Alex (10, dx'd 8/01, pumping paradigm 4/03), Zack (10), Josh (4),
wife to Bob for 15 years
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