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Re: [IPp] stubborn high counts

We get anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks from our batteries (Energizer) with the
remote function on.  When we get a low battery alarm I change it that day,
but I don't worry about it until I have the time to change it.  We were told
if we  don't get 1-2 weeks per battery to call within 30 days and we will
get a new pump.  After 30 it is a refurbished one. We also only change our
reservoir every second site change and I still throw out insulin but I have
run out once so I would rather throw some out then take a chance.  All you
do is change your site normally then prime the site.  You don't need to do
anything with the reservoir.

Hope that helps!

Debbie mom t Megan, 7 dx'd 08/01/00, pumping since 08/01/01, Madison, 5 and
Gillian, 1

Fayeron Morrison wrote:

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> OK, I'd love to have some input.  Last night was the night of the
> stubborn high.  Basically, despite consistent bolusing every 2 hours,
> Alex stayed at 275-305 the bulk of the night.  Around 5:30 am he went to
> 68, I treated very mildly, he woke up at 120.  At lunch time he was 375.
> He just left for baseball, 201-which is ok.  Now, old pros out there,
> here are my questions:
> 1.  I don't think the site is technically bad, but it seems like
> something must be going on with the absorption.  I'm thinking when he
> gets back I should probably change the site.  It would be a day early
> and I'm out of EMLA, so I don't really want to...what do you all think?
> 2.  Even at the end of 3 days , we throw out alot of insulin.  If you
> change the site early, do you just throw out more insulin or is there
> anyway to use what is left in the reservoir?  If I change his site
> today, I will throw out 48ml of insulin-what a waste.  I keep trying to
> fill the reservoir with less but I hate it when I get those low
> reservoir messages.
> 3.  Also, unrelated, has anybody figured out how long you really have
> when you get a low battery alarm on the paradigm?  Ours needs to be
> changed every 5 days or so.  Does that seem right?
> thanks!
> Fayeron
> mom to Alex (10, dx'd 8/01, pumping paradigm 4/03), Zack (10), Josh (4),
> wife to Bob for 15 years
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