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Re: [IPp] Silhouette infusion sets

>  Well, I finally got over my fear of the long needle on the
>  sihouette. I
> inserted it into myself last night. It took me about 10 minutes to
> actually push the button - but when I finally did it, Wow - I didn't
> even feel it. I am going to wear the infusion set myself for 2 days
> just to see how it feels before I try to insert it into my daughter.
> I have a feeling she's not going to be very cooperative. She doesn't
> start pumping until 5/20, so we have a few weeks to get used to the
> sets. The doctor wants her to wear the infusion set at least 2 times
> for 2 days each time before her start up date.

Consider EMLA cream (20 - 30 min) or numbing the site with a baggie 
full of ice (3-5 min, 4 ice cubes) prior to insertion.

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