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[IPp] Re: sils/comfort/tender needles

No one denies that those 12mm needles on the Silhouettes (aka 
Tenders/Comforts) are scary looking, but ask ANYONE who uses them--they do 
not hurt!!!  To the parents debating whether to use them with little kids, 
please just try one on yourself first and you will see.  There's a tiny 
stick (some say less than what you get from a pen or syringe shot) as it 
breaks the skin, then it is painless as you deliberately slide it under the 
skin at a 30 degree (or less) angle.  Think of landing an airplane as you 
insert it.

It is also very easy to disconnect and reconnect without twisting or 
pushing or otherwise disrupting the set.

We've used them for 3+ years and they are the only sets that stay put on my 
swimmer without any extra effort or taping.  We use only IV prep wipes, a 
swab of tincture of benzoin, and the set itself, and they stay on while my 
daughter swims 10 hours a day all summer.  No taping, no sandwiches of 
tegaderm or IV 3000, and she frequently forgets and lets the pump drop and 
swing from the set without any effect!

The only irritation her skin has ever shown was from trying to get the Sils 
off without using Unisolve or fingernail polish remover to loosen them 
first.  The only problem we've ever had is that the long cannula sometimes 
gets kinked under the skin, where you can't see it.  Whenever we can't 
bring down an unexplained high with one good correction bolus, we just go 
ahead and put in a new set.  Then we find a tiny crimp in the old tube when 
we pull it out.

The good news:  Animas is coming out with an EZ set that is similar to the 
Sils but will offer a shorter needle and cannula.  We can't wait!  That 
shorter length may mean fewer kinks for Annie.

More good news:  After four days of pumping with our new Animas IR1000, we 
just got our first ever occlusion alarm and found Annie's set had kinked 
under her skin.  Why is this good news?  Because the pump gave us an alarm 
when it was unable to deliver less than 1.0 units of her breakfast bolus, 
so we were able to fix the problem without waiting for hours of unexplained 
highs to let us know something was wrong.  Hooray for the sensitivity of 
this new pump!

Hope you are all having a good Sunday,
Charlotte, mom to Annie, who turns 9 on May Day and loves her new Animas pump
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