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Re: [IPp] Low BG Scare

Hi, sorry to hear about your very scary experience.  Our daughter Kath is 13 
now, 10 yrs with JD.  We have gone thru the same very scary moments also.  
Not sure if you have a glucagon prescription shot, if not, get it!  Don't be 
afraid to use it, it can't hurt.  Just don't use the horse shot if comes 
with.  Check with you Dr. to find out how many units.  Last time we had to 
use, I filled Kath's 30 unit shot twice in arm, and within seconds she's 
coming back to us.  Once their teeth clench its hard to get juice box or 
anything in.  Just a suggestion. Starting pump next week with saline 
solution, following week with insulin.  Feel like we're starting all over 
again, but she's excited and handling it alot better than me, so you just 
keep moving on, its amazing how the children always hold up better than us.

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