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[IPp] Delayed lows after exercise - thanks!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your input in answering my previous message about Hannah's
delayed lows after she exercises. What has worked for us is that for every
couple of hours of play outside, she gets a small snack (usually one of those
'fruit-to-go' bars, which is about 12 grams of carbs), without a bolus. In
addition to that, we have also changed her basal rates before midnight - we
have lowered it drastically (about 0.15 units lower). We are now seeing
improved bg's at night. It was soooo hard to get anything into her when we
woke her up from sleep!!!! Now, we are seeing pretty even bg's. This sure is a
lot of work, but worth it!

Wishing you all well with your children!

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