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RE: [IPp] Low BG Scare

Scary.  Just when you think you're in control....

That is why we constantly check on our kids.  I know that when our daughter
(now 12) was 6, we would let her play unsupervised for at least 15 minutes
(we're on a rural farm, no neighbours, very safe area) but Jon gets checked
on every few minutes.

Glad that Cole is ok.


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 Every evening on the way home from work/school, Cole attempts to fall
Tonight we did a few errands before we came home & he tried to fall asleep
so I
checked him at 4:44PM & he was 163. We came home around 5:15 & Cole went
to play while I was fixing dinner. I didn't check his BG again (I ALWAYS do
before he goes to play) because I had just checked it 30 minutes earlier. I
checked on him 2 times (looked outside off my porch) & he was having fun
on the playground playing with his ball. The third time I went out I
see him (he is not allowed to leave the playground right in front of my
so I stormed outside thinking he was around the corner with his friend. I
to the grass & there he was just laying there beside his ball. I snatched
him up
& took him in & checked his BG. He was 43... it was 5:50 PM. My heart
I got some juice into him & he woke up. God I was so scared!!! I thought I
really lost him!! It's just!
  a stark reminder how much we have to watch our little ones & make sure we
check them no matter when we checked them before & to keep carbs in them
playing. I learned my lesson...

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