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[IPp] Reconnecting quick set

My son uses the quick sets and we also had a very hard time reconnecting
them.  Someone on the IP said to push out your stomach (if that's where you
insert it) while you are reconnecting.  That info has helped us MANY times.
With the skin being taunt, the set has less of a tendency to twist as you're
trying to reconnect.  Also, try NOT to squeeze the reconnection piece too
hard while trying to reconnect.
    One other point.  When my son started using the quick set, we were given
the 6 mm.  It seemed that every other set crimped on him and his readings
were terrible.  We switched to the 9mm about a year ago and have had maybe 1
or 2 in that whole time, crimp.  I know people who do not have the
cushioning in their stomach area, say that the 9mm would be too long for
them, because it would hit muscle and that's what would make it crimp, but
it crimped on my son without hitting ANY muscle. If you think of it, 3mm
more, is such a small added amount. Something about that extra 3mm seemed to
give the cannula a little extra stability while it was being injected
(although you would think that the shorter the needle the less chance it
would have to crimp.  Go figure). At least it worked for my son and I was
glad, because he really liked the injector.
    I wonder if there's some brave sole out there who is skinny, uses the
stomach area to insert and has trouble with the 6mm quick set crimping, be
willing to try the 9mm and see if they have better luck.
     That's a mouthfull!
      Anyway.... if someone is skinny and can get a 9mm and is brave enough
to try it, let everyone know what happens.  Maybe someone's already tried
Dianne, mom to Johnny 10
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