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Re: [IPp] infusion sets

My son, now 9, started pumping when he was 7.  Because he is so thin, we
were started on Comforts aka Silhouettes.  I encouraged him from the
beginning to try to learn how to change his own sets, but he was far too
afraid of the long needle to ever try with the Comforts.  I'm quite happy to
do the set changes for him, but since he is the only person who will always
be nearby when he needs a new set, I wanted him to be able to do it should
he need too.  So we switched to QuickSets with an inserter.  It turns out
that these work better for him.  We see far fewer kinked cannulas now.  Of
course, YMMV.


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> My daughter (Kirsten 6 yrs old) is scheduled to start pumping w/the
> Paradigm on May 20. We received her pump & supplies on Monday. The doctor
> her to start with the Silhouette infusion sets. I was looking for any
> from any parents who have used or are using these infusion sets.
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