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RE: [IPp] infusion sets

Is she very thin?  If so , I think that the silhouettes are what you
need to use.  But , order the quicksets at the same time and  the
inserter for the quicksets so that you have an option.  Minimed will
trade back what you end up not deciding on for what you decide on.
There was a little girl at our class that they said had to be on the
silhouettes.  They are more difficult to insert and hers ended up
hurting her.  Then they switched (during the class) to the quicksets.
She was much happier.  It wuld be nice to have the option of the
quickset.  FYI, we ended up not using the silhouettes-minimed fed-exd
out the quickeset replacements and sent a way bill for fedex for me send
back the silhouettes free of charge.Fayeron
mom to Alex (10, dx'd 8/01, pumping paradigm 4/03), Zack (10), Josh (4),
wife to Bob for 15 years 

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 My daughter (Kirsten 6 yrs old) is scheduled to start pumping w/the
Minimed Paradigm on May 20. We received her pump & supplies on Monday.
The doctor wants her to start with the Silhouette infusion sets. I was
looking for any feedback from any parents who have used or are using
these infusion sets.
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