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Re: [IPp] Re: delayed response to exercise

 I set Rachel's basal for 95% when she is at preschool or just playing outside
with her friends, and take off the pump for swimming. After swimming (other
activities don't affect her as much, she's only 4 so she's not playing
basketball etc.) for the next 24 hours I increase her insulin carb ratio by
about 10-15% depending on how long she swam for. Since we live in Arizona, the
swimming season is about 9 months long, so this is a very big issue for us. I
don't let her in the pool under 200 though because she drops like a lead balloon
when swimming. Bonnie

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We deal with the same phenomenon with my soon-to-be-nine-year-old, 
Annie. She has a rigorous swim practice each afternoon at 4:00, may go to 
bed with a perfect nighttime number, and then her BG takes a nosedive at 
midnight or later. For her, the delayed response to exercise can happen 6 
to 12 hours after swimming or playing hard! So far we've dealt with it by 
just checking often and correcting with tablets or juice as needed--and by 
sometimes feeding her a high-fat/high-protein supper so the delayed 
digestion happens at about the same time as the exercise effect.

That's one reason we're switching to the Animas this month. We'll try to 
have one basal program for her swimming days and another for more sedentary 
days. We used the temporary basal decrease on her H-Tron a few times, but 
not very successfully--I could never quite work out the timing since a 
particular basal rate change doesn't affect BG's until two or more hours 
later. Taking into account supper carbs, fat +/or protein consumed, supper 
bolus, hours of exercise, hours since exercise, sleep-induced growth 
hormone rush, AND delayed response to basal insulin, there are just too 
many variables for my math-challenged brain to deal with!

We're going to the Labor Day weekend CWD conference in Baltimore on 
diabetes and exercise where we might learn more strategies. Pumping is 
wonderful--but it sure isn't an exact science.

Hoping the new Animas helps with some of this,

Charlotte (mom to Annie, dx'd Xmas '97, pumping w/Htron since 3/00, and 
starting Animas on Thursday!)
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