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Re: [IPp] Delayed low after exercise

> Hi everyone!
> My daughter Hannah (age 7) has only been on the Animas pump for 2
> months now, and we are still getting used to it - trying to set
> basals, etc. We think we finally have the bedtime basals figured
> out.
> Here's our dilemma now...We are finding that Hannah does not go low
> during exercise, but about 3 - 6 hours later. We're not sure what to
> do in this case. For example, Hannah played outside for most of the
> day yesterday, and even after supper. She came inside at about 6:30
> pm to have her bath. She didn't have a snack before bed, and her
> sugar was perfect (7.2) at this time. But, by 9:00 pm, her sugar was
> low (3.0), and we had to give her a snack. Any suggestions out
> there? Should I have a different program for outside days and inside
> days? 

Different basal programs. That's really the beauty of a pump.

> Or should I have made her eat a snack before bed and lowered
> the bolus? 

hmmm.... sounds more like MDI therapy to me :-(

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