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[IPp] Delayed low after exercise

Hi everyone!

My daughter Hannah (age 7) has only been on the Animas pump for 2 months now,
and we are still getting used to it - trying to set basals, etc. We think we
finally have the bedtime basals figured out.

Here's our dilemma now...We are finding that Hannah does not go low during
exercise, but about 3 - 6 hours later. We're not sure what to do in this case.
For example, Hannah played outside for most of the day yesterday, and even
after supper. She came inside at about 6:30 pm to have her bath. She didn't
have a snack before bed, and her sugar was perfect (7.2) at this time. But, by
9:00 pm, her sugar was low (3.0), and we had to give her a snack. Any
suggestions out there? Should I have a different program for outside days and
inside days? Or should I have made her eat a snack before bed and lowered the
bolus? Has anyone experienced this? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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