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Re: [IPp] testing basals in 18 mo


Thanks for the info!  Indeed, our basal to bolus ratio is slowly moving 
to the 40/60 you mention as we have been steadily rolling back her 
basal rates over the last 7-8 days.  She routinely goes low a few hour 
after not eating a meal.  Last nite went from 250 at 10:30 pm, to 160 
at 2:30 am and was 48 (!!) at 6:30 this morning.  First time that has 
happened.  Usually she is a lot more "steady" than that.  Still, 
another data point to use as we move forward.  We don't have enough 
experience yet to figure out whether she has different carb ratios at 
different times of the day.

Thanks again.

David Jensen
Father to Sigrid, Dx 9/02 @ 11 months, Pumping for 3 weeks

Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 21:24:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bonnie Silvester <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPp] testing basals in 18 mo

  My daughter pumps using Cozmo - we use U25, but I will give you all 
totals in
"U100" terms, so not to confuse you.She weighs 39 pounds, total daily 
basal is
3.1 units, total daily dosage is about 9 or 10 units. So, her basal is 
low by anyone's definition. "Supposedly" it is to be 50% basal, 50% 
bolus, but
could be more like 40% basal and 60% in toddler/pre-schoolers. We have 
tested EXTENSIVELY and this is where she needs to be. One unit of U100 
her down about 200 points. One thing the books don't really tell you is 
when the BASAL rate is lower during the day, it takes less insulin to 
bring down
a high and vice versa (higher BASAL rate, takes more insulin to bring 
down a
high). This has been confirmed to me by several parents as well as our 
endo -
but it's so darn confusing, let's just say that it's "about 200 points" 
for 1
unit.Insulin carb ratio for breakfast: 1:16 lunch 1:24 !
   dinner 1:24 night snack 1:28 pizza bolus 1:24 (50% now, 50% over 2 
lows, 1 carb brings her up about 8 or 9 points.Hope this helps.Bonnie
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