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Re: [IPp] testing basals in 18 mo

 My daughter pumps using Cozmo - we use U25, but I will give you all totals in
"U100" terms, so not to confuse you.She weighs 39 pounds, total daily basal is
3.1 units, total daily dosage is about 9 or 10 units. So, her basal is pretty
low by anyone's definition. "Supposedly" it is to be 50% basal, 50% bolus, but
could be more like 40% basal and 60% in toddler/pre-schoolers. We have basal
tested EXTENSIVELY and this is where she needs to be. One unit of U100 brings
her down about 200 points. One thing the books don't really tell you is that
when the BASAL rate is lower during the day, it takes less insulin to bring down
a high and vice versa (higher BASAL rate, takes more insulin to bring down a
high). This has been confirmed to me by several parents as well as our endo -
but it's so darn confusing, let's just say that it's "about 200 points" for 1
unit.Insulin carb ratio for breakfast: 1:16 lunch 1:24 !
  dinner 1:24 night snack 1:28 pizza bolus 1:24 (50% now, 50% over 2 hours)For
lows, 1 carb brings her up about 8 or 9 points.Hope this helps.Bonnie
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My daughter is on a pump finally (1 week). Mostly she's been high. 
Currently basals set to 0.2u from 7am to midnight, 0.15 from midnight 
to 7am. I'm a little concerned that this level may be too high. She 
weighs 26-27 lbs. What I need is a general feeling for what other 
kids' basals are so that I have an idea about where we should be. 
Also, how do you test the basals in a kid who never really stops 

Current ratios: 1u for 36 g carbs; 1u for a 440 drop in BG; 1g carb 
raises her about 15 points (maybe??).

Any and all help appreciated.

David Jensen
Father to Sigrid, Dx 9/02 @ 11 months, pumping 1 week with a Cozmo
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Mom to Rachel, 4 diagnosed 2/28/02, pumping Paradigm, 7/12/02, 
   pumping COZMO 2/08/03, using diluted Novolog
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