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[IPp] A Hallmark E-Card from Gina, Mom of Justin, 2 years old, pumping


 We wanted to let you know that Gina, Mom of Justin, 2 years old, pumping
created a Hallmark.com e-card for you. To see your card, click the link below,
or copy and paste this link into your Web browser's address line:


If you have trouble using the link we provided, please follow these steps:

 1. Click this link to go to our homepage, or copy and paste it into your
browser's address line:
2. Click on the "e-cards and cards" link.
3. Click on the "browse free e-cards" link in the e-cards section of the page.
 4. Click on the link on the upper left hand side of the page that says "pick up
a greeting."
 5. Enter your email address and this confirmation number: EG4200151533683. This
e-card will be available for 60 days.
 6. If you'd like to send an e-card yourself, use the "send your own greeting"
button beside the e-card.

 While you're visiting Hallmark.com, be sure to explore our other products. We
offer paper cards, great gifts, beautiful flowers and more. And our e-cards are
fast, fun, and free. You're sure to find something you like at Hallmark.com.

With best wishes,

Jody Ellis

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