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Re: [IPp] Re: priming the QuickSet

 Hi Cari, My son is 3 1/2 and just started pumping on February 1 with an Animas
pump. When I saw the comfort infusion set, I just couldn't imagine using it on
him, so I'm using the Diesitronix (I KNOW that's spelled wrong!) Ultraflex.
Every so often, we get one that kinks going in, but for the most part, they are
working OK. Ryan's levels don't seem to be doing too badly - He was dx'd on
12/28/02, so he just went for his first A1c test last week. I felt like he was
having way too many highs, but his number ended up at 6.9, which I think is OK.
It's tough to keep the numbers within target, just because there are so many
variables. I've got menus from daycare, and I've tried to get them to tell me
the food measurements so that I can give them the correct boluses. However, I
never know if they've given him a little more than normal, or if he didn't eat
it all, or what. And if his bg is too high, it could be because the infusion set
is kinked without causing an actual occ!
  lusion. Or it could be that the infusion site is absorbing too rapidly or too
slowly. It's so hard, isn't it??? And now that the weather is getting warmer,
and the kids are playing outside more, I've got to adjust everything for that.
Do I adjust basal or bolus or both? What if it rains and they don't go outside
and the rates are off? ARGHHHH!!!! It's frustrating. Ryan mimics me now, and as
we're waiting for the number, he says "C'mon, be a good number!" -Donna

 Cari Goossens <email @ redacted> wrote:Hi, my son Justin is also 5...just
started pumping Jan. 28th this year. How
have your son's levels been? His bg roller coaster ride doesn't have as
steep of hills anymore, however he isn't usually in target. I would really
be interested in knowing more detail about your son. Justin is on an Animas
pump, with the comfort (30 degree) infusion set. This seems to be working

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> > I am very new to pumping, my 5 year old just started 10 days ago. We've
> > trouble with the sil's and are now going to try the quick sets 6mm
> > by
> > minimed. I thought I was told the priming was .3 for this set does
> > know
> > if this is correct?
> >
> Andrea, .3 is correct for the 6mm length.
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