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[IPp] Infusion Set Blocking

My son has been pumping for 10 days on the Cozmo pump.  I am having incredible
trouble with the infusion sets.  We started on sil's but they kept getting
blocked and infected looking around the site.  So we switched to the 6mm quick
sets.  The first went in Tuesday and by 7:30 Wednesday evening his blood sugar
was so high my meter wouldn't read it.  I changed the set and it had blood in
it.  Thursday at dinner his blood sugar was 566 I looked and once again there
was blood in it.  I changed and bolused and corrected and by bed he was 366
looked at the set and again blood.  I had to change it two more times before I
finally got it in without there being blood in the set.  Of course by morning
who knows what will happen.  Is this normal?  Is it me or is it him or is it
the quick sets?  I know the first few weeks can be trying and I was prepared
for this but today has really pushed me over the edge.  If anyone knows of
something I might be doing wrong let me know.  We've tried putting them in his
stomach and backside.  The one right now is right below his waist.

Mother of Conner age 5 pumping since 4/8/03
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