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Re: [IPp] Minimed quick set

Yes that's correct.  My 11 year old daughter uses the quick sets - 
HOWEVER, 6 days after
we started pump last October - she was in hospital in dka because the 
canula of the quick set
crimped in her stomach after we changed it - and we didn't know it until 
it was too late.
(Pump didn't alert us to that).  Then it happened again while in the 
hospital -
and was even done by the pump trainer instead of me!  Thus,  - we DO NOT 
use her stomach
anymore!  I use the area below her waist but above her buttocks and 
shift from side to side
every 3 days. Have had no trouble with crimping since.   Silhouettes 
were alot longer needle
and made me VERY nervous!
Good luck.
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
pumping 10/02

Andrea Brennan wrote:

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> I am very new to pumping, my 5 year old just started 10 days ago. We've had
>trouble with the sil's and are now going to try the quick sets 6mm length by
>minimed. I thought I was told the priming was .3 for this set does anyone know
>if this is correct?
>Andrea Brennan
>Mother to Conner
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