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RE: [IPp] pump reliability (and Animas in particular)


We've had our son (3.5 years old) pumping on Animas for just about 4
months now with no technical breakdowns on the part of the pump.

Now, that's not to say that you won't have alarms and other issues that
you might need technical support for.  We have found that we get an
alarm on average every 2-3 weeks (sometimes a couple in quick
succession).  They have been largely of the "occlusion alarm", "low
cartridge" and "low battery" variety, but troubleshooting those basic
alarms can sometimes require a call to the technical support anyway
until you get the hang of everything.  At any rate, our experience with
the 1-800 line at Animas has been superlative.  And, any time I have
called the 1-800 line with a question, the information must get back to
our local rep, because the next day I always get a call from our local
guy just to make sure everything is okay.

So, we're 4 months and counting with no serious problems, but lots of
support.  You couldn't want it any other way, I suppose!

Mom of Oliver -- b 6/99, d 10/01, p 1/03

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My 2.5 year old son Jake will begin pumping soon, and I am wondering 
what our expectations should be for how often these machines will 
break down. Once a year? once a month (I hope not!)? Once every four 
years, as the warranty suggests? Does anyone know if there is a 
central site that keeps this kind of data? I have called two pump 
companies and can't seem to get a good answer to my questions. Also, 
we are back to considering using the Animas pump again (based on 
helpful comments from several of you). Are there parents of Animas 
pumpers out there who can tell me about their experience with Animas 
and the pump's reliability?

Thank you!

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