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Re: [IPp] pump reliability (and Animas in particular)

> Hello,
> My 2.5 year old son Jake will begin pumping soon, and I am wondering
> what our expectations should be for how often these machines will
> break down. Once a year? once a month (I hope not!)? Once every four
> years, as the warranty suggests? Does anyone know if there is a
> central site that keeps this kind of data? I have called two pump
> companies and can't seem to get a good answer to my questions. Also,
> we are back to considering using the Animas pump again (based on
> helpful comments from several of you). Are there parents of Animas
> pumpers out there who can tell me about their experience with Animas
> and the pump's reliability?
> Thank you!
> Lisa

My son's had his Animas for 1 year - no problems and great customer service.
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